Ever feel a tingle of magic when history whispers through a faded photo or an heirloom map? That’s the spark that fuels my passion: transforming dusty memories into vibrant stories for generations to come.

Think of me as your personal family bard, armed with decades of experience as a tech wiz, writer, and artist. Now, my skills weave a new tapestry, meticulously restoring old photos for websites and books, crafting captivating maps that chart your family’s fascinating journeys, and capturing the wisdom of loved ones through heartfelt video interviews.

But it’s not just about pixels and soundwaves. Each project is a labor of love, where meticulous attention to detail breathes new life into the past. I don’t just restore photos; I bring back the laughter in grandma’s smile. Maps aren’t just lines on a screen; they trace the footsteps of ancestors, connecting you to your roots. Interviews aren’t just recordings; they’re echoes of wisdom, passed down like precious heirlooms.

The result? A treasure trove of digital memories: written summaries of interviews, heartwarming videos, and stunning photos and graphics – the building blocks of your unique family saga. Imagine gifting your children, grandchildren, and beyond with a legacy that transcends time, a vibrant tapestry woven from love, laughter, and lessons learned.

Ready to embark on this storytelling adventure? Let’s preserve your family’s legacy, together.

Photo of me being peaceful
Restored photo memory of Rulon & Geraldine's children in October 1962 while living in American Fork, Utah.
George Luke & Julia Ann Whitney