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Hi, I'm Leroy Ball

I love creating things that help tell the stories of the past, like making old photos look new again for websites or books. I also design cool maps showing where families used to live and travel. Plus, I record video interviews with family members talking about important lessons they’ve learned in life.

My decades of experience in computer technology as a developer, technical writer, and graphic artist bring a unique set of skills to today’s primary focus. Now, my emphasis is on preserving and enhancing family memories. I pay close attention to detail and use visual communication to give each project a special touch.

Shared Memories

Photo Restoration

Restoring old family photos helps bring people closer by preserving special memories and creating shared experiences. When we work together to revive these pictures, we connect across generations, learn about our family’s history, and celebrate important moments. Sharing restored photos is like telling stories that make us feel proud of our past and strengthen our emotional bonds with family and friends.

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